BUZZ SAWYER - Lead Guitar and Vocals

Buzz Sawyer, Lead Guitar



Buzz Sawyer was influenced at an early age in rural Illinois by his father, Bob. Whether listening to him sing tenor at the local church or playing bass for the Midnight Ramblers, Buzz soaked it all in.


Guitar became his passion, and with a twenty-five year tenure in popular groups such as Plain Folke and The Crossfire Band from Southern California, he gained a broad education of vocal styles and guitar playing.

He is the newest member to the band and excited to add his pickin' to the group.

Buzz and his wife Carol, live on a 10,000 acre working cattle ranch in Wyoming. When he's not "pick'n" you can find Buzz out  on his classic 1958 Ford tractor keeping his "Lazy S" Ranch, in good order. 

The Sawyers love Wyoming and are currently refurbishing a barn, which of course, half will be a "pickin'" parlor.